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All individual classes are delivered online.
We offer three course levels:
Basic English and set curriculum courses, personalised courses and premium courses.

General English Courses

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Basic courses are taught without material adaptation:

General English – A1 to C2 The General English course is grammar focussed.

Science – A2 to C2 The Science courses have a vocabulary and reading focus.

General Reading – A2 to C2 The General Reading courses are focussed on comprehension and conversation.

Conversation Classes – A2 to C2 Conversation classes are focussed on conversation and speaking skills.

Personalised Classes


Our personalised courses are recommended. With our team, we will plan courses specific to your needs. If you have specific requests for improvement (for example, listening or pronunciation), then these classes are ideal.

Business English – A1 to C2

This is focussed on giving you the English skills you need to excel in your working environment.

General (personalised) English – A2 to C2

We deliver personalised lessons to maximise your progress and develop your skills. This can contain a focus on pronunciation, and specific skills such as listening and writing, depending on your goals. This is the most popular option amongst students and the institute’s recommendation for most students.

Exam courses – (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, PET etc)

This is highly recommended for students aiming to sit an exam at a future date. Students will receive lessons designed to prepare them for specific exams, and to improve their level in specific areas of need.

Australian English – A2 to C2

This is a vocabulary focussed course and provides everything that is needed for travellers or potential migrants to Australia.

English for Teenagers and Children – A1 to C2

We deliver entertaining and engaging lessons for students from 6 to the age of 18. This requires interactive and interesting content and a high level of energy from our teachers.

Premium Classes

Specialised curricula

We develop specialised curricula for students (and teachers) wanting completely customised lessons, upon request. These are of interest to specialised professionals who are not able to acquire vocabulary or required skills in other courses.

We are also able to offer premium courses completely personalised to your needs. This includes vocabulary, grammar and multimedia content in a curriculum dependent on your area of study. This service is also available to teachers upon request.

Interactive Courses


These are self-learning courses based on short stories and literature. To assist you, there are a variety of activities to help you read and comprehend stories. Lessons are supplemented with audio-visual material. Written activities are assessed and students are given feedback and detailed corrections to improve their written skills.

These courses are perfect for those also wanting to take exams, interested in literature and those with a changing schedule, but still wanting to improve their language skills.

We also offer literature workshops which are group classes in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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