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After a medical crisis several years ago, Glen Speering rediscovered his love for language. Unable to move and bed-bound, he found that language could help him set goals, orient his daily life and manage depression and low periods during an extended recovery period.

For similar reasons, he became addicted to dance, and decided to move to Buenos Aires to learn more.

He had worked in the sciences in universities in Australia as a lecturer and tutor, and was able to see first-hand, high quality teaching as an education researcher.

So, when he arrived in Buenos Aires in 2017, he already knew that he enjoyed teaching.

It wasn’t long before his schedule was full with students. Students, including many psychologists, began to express that his teaching methods were very different and expansive, not just as a way of learning a language, but as a tool to improve daily life. It was from this seed that the idea for Australians Teach English and the methods we use for teaching were born.

A collection of ideas, from observing classes with indigenous students in Australia (English as a second language students) to research such as “Positive Psychology”, is the basis of our teaching methodology.

We aim to give you the best experience, to develop your confidence, and to practise healthier study habits. We also continually strive to improve our teaching to offer you exactly what we want.

We also use these same methods to deliver English to the community. We teach the disabled, both physically and intellectually, using the same methods. In all these areas, having fun is the secret.

We are pleased to bring our methods to the world online.

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