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We are a small, dedicated team of professional native English-speaking teachers specially trained and experienced in online teaching.

Because we are a small institute, you have direct contact with the teachers and director of teaching. This way you can be sure your goals are met, and suggestions are listened to and concerns addressed. It also ensures that your learning is not interrupted.

All teachers are interviewed and only those with teaching experience are selected to teach for Australians Teach English. We make sure our teachers have life experience and something other than being English speakers.

Teachers are also highly trained and specialised in preparing students for international Cambridge and entrance exams. We have a history of success with IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE and TOEFL exams.

Glen speering

Glen (owner and director of teaching)

Glen is an experienced teacher and fascinated with the world around him. He speaks three languages and is working on a fourth. He is a relaxed and fun loving teacher who enables students to relax and enjoy the learning process. He is a specialist science teacher, with a Masters of Science, and multiple publications in education and science.

He has lived in multiple cities and towns in Australia and now resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Janelle loves everything about cultures. She is fascinated by language and people, and gets to explore both as an English teacher. In her classes, students benefit from the welcoming and social dynamic that Janelle offers, as well as the level of detail she provides to her students. Most of all, her students enjoy being able to actively participate in their classes.

She is an exam preparation specialist and enjoys teaching Australian and Business English to adults.

 She’s a Melbourne girl, currently living in Carlos Paz, in Córdoba, Argentina.


Tom is a native English speaker from Brisbane, Australia and has spent the last year living in Argentina learning Spanish. He enjoys being your helpful guide in your journey through the English language. You can learn to speak, read and write English with confidence in a calm and relaxed atmosphere with Tom. Perfect for kids, teens and adult conversation classes.

Tom lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and likes to explore old historical buildings and places in his spare time.

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